Fan Reviews

Akron Beacon Journal- Tribute bands 'Rock the Lock' 

Sponsor WONE Radio, put together a schedule of tribute bands that honor performers from the past and present.  The bands have different approaches to their tributes. Some duplicate just the sound of the band while others add the look as well. 

"Slowhand (a tribute to Eric Clapton) does both," "You'd think it was Eric Clapton up there."  

Mason Summer Concert Series - 07/26/2009 Mason, OH

Great show!  Slowhand has had the second largest crowd two years in a row, and we look forward to having you back again.  7-2009

I have seen Eric Clapton from the front row of the Royal Albert Hall, and the only thing missing from Slowhand is the cigarette!  7-2009


Thanks for the truly great performance in Mason Sunday evening.  My wife and I have seen you the past two years in Mason and we are really delighted with the authenticity of your whole show.  We arrived early this year to get a better seat.  We were front row center in front of the sound tent.  Years ago we had the good fortune to sit front row center at a Clapton concert in Cincinnati and got some great pictures from about 10 feet away.  I'm planning on recommending Slowhand to other concert series for next year.  Keep up the phenominal work and we hope to catch you at upcoming shows.  7-2009

I just saw your gig at Mason.  Kick - Ass.  I'm having some friends come in from out of town in November.  I'll catch you at Gilly's.  7-2009

 Dayton Blues Festival -  07/19/2009 Dayton, OH

Hey, Just wanted to say I had a great time at the blues fest. Saw alot of great folks and heard alot of great music. The first band was great as I love Clapton and this guy did a fantastic job. He had the look, the sound, and the vocals. Very cool.  7-2009

Fraze Pavaillion - Kettering, OH

Really enjoyed having Slowhand two years in a row.  Your promotional material doesn't do you justice!

Micheal O'Malleys - Youngstown, OH

I hope I expressed just how much I enjoyed having Slowhand.  Fine band, professional, easy to work with.  Better than most of the National Acts we schedule.  I will certainly refer you to others.